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Where the Passion Began

Who, in 1970, had the wisdom and the foresight to begin the National Building Comfort Testing Association (NBCTA). Our deepest and sincerest thanks to these pioneers in the field of TAB and our promise to those whom our organization affects. We will carry on.


Ernest Hajto Sr.

Erne Hajto was a Mechanical Engineer and Founder and President of the National Building Comfort Testing Association. He was a graduate of the Budapest Polytechnic Institute and came to Canada from his native Hungary in 1956. He emigrated along with many other Hungarian refugees escaping the repressive Soviet regime at that time. He started his own consulting business shortly after arriving in Toronto. Over the years his businesses included four corporations and two laboratories, with the most well known being Aerodynamics Engineering and Testing Laboratory Ltd. ​

Erne was a creator and developer of Air and Hydronic Balancing in Canada. His work also helped develop and advance other disciplines in the field such as Indoor Air Quality Testing, Clean/Sterile Rooms Testing, Inspecting, Commissioning Mechanical Systems, Building Comfort Testing, Validation and System Auditing and Electrical Load Testing. 

Erne was the president of NBCTA for 35 years until his retirement in 2005.


Antal Bakaity

Imre Dora

Brunn Flajsig

Mike Herel

Zoltan Lasak Sr.

Laszlo Lukacs

Ernest Paimli

Pioneers in the TAB field.

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